Atlas of Human Blastocysts

Veeck L.L., Zaninović N. An Atlas of Human Blastocysts, CRC Press, 2003

List of contributing authors

1 Overview of early human preimplantation
2 Metabolic requirements during preimplantation
3 Human morulae in vitro
4 Cell allocation and differentiation
5 Human blastocysts in vitro
6 Preembryo selection and blastocyst quality:
7 Blastocyst hatching
8 Blastocyst cryopreservation and thawing
9 Cell death (apoptosis) in human blastocysts
10 Human implantation
11 Human embryonic stem cells
12 The mammalian blastocyst as an experimental model
13 The moral status of the human blastocyst
Glossary of terms
Abbreviations and symbols