Download > ENCYCLOPEDIA : The Animal Book : A visual encyclopedia of life on Earth

ENCYCLOPEDIA : The Animal Book : A visual encyclopedia of life on Earth

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Our world is filled with extraordinary diversity, from amoebas to zebras, from tiny toadstools to giant oaks. The wonders of the natural world are on display in The Animal Book. This guide to life on our planet is packed full of information about creatures big and small. This tome is structured according to scientific classification, with straightforward explanations of more than 1,500 specimens, each stunningly photographed. A "tree of life" greets readers at the beginning of the book, charting the complex and interconnected relationships between species. Every plant and animal is presented in proportion, with in-depth spreads giving a sense of scale to each organism. Feature spreads that focus on a single specimen let children get up close and personal with the world's most fascinating animals, making The Animal Book perfect not only for homework help but to satisfy kids' curiosity about the wealth of living creatures that inhabit our planet.


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CLICK HERE for EBOOK (download link)

CLICK HERE for EBOOK (download link)

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